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Garden Restoration

Garden Restoration

You’re here because you like to garden. Fresh fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers, majestic trees are all part of who you are as a person. You love to get your hands dirty and watch the (literal) fruit of your labor!

We do too. At PermaMatrix®, we’re all gardening geeks who love the soil in which we toil. This is why we created PermaMatrixBSP® – to help everyone grow better food, increase yields, and just enjoy gardening even more.

One thing we discovered was that the soil in which we were working was sick. In fact, we found this to be true no matter who we talked to. After years of harsh chemical-based fertilizers, additives, pesticides, and neglect, we had ruined the very soil that we were trying to rescue. It was counter productive!

PermaMatrix® BSP – For Total Garden Restoration

What your garden needs is healthier soil. PermaMatrix has created an easy 2 step process to get your soil healthy again. All of our products contain 100% natural, 100% organic ingredients.


PermaMatrix® BSP Foundation

Foundation literally restores your soil naturally by providing all the necessary ingredients to do so in a simple to use formula. All you need to do is mix it in when you’re getting ready to plant or transplant, or simply sprinkle it all over your garden or lawn.

Our patented formula contains a combination of basalt rock dust (minerals), humic compounds (organics), carbon (Biochar) and micro-biological elements all in one dissolvable, easy to apply soil particle. Biochar, an organic carbon in PermaMatrix® Foundation product is known to have positive effects on soil with low fertility. It acts like a sponge slowing down the rate at which nutrients are leached through the soil, getting them to the plant instead of getting flushed away, while providing an optimum home for billions of soil microbes, which work to enhance your soils natural makeup.


PermaMatrix® BSP Grow

Grow will cause your plants to thrive!! PermaMatrix® Grow is a new way of thinking about plant fertility and health. PermaMatrix® Grow is a 100% organic and 100% ecologically safe fertility enhancing product derived from mycelium, fish bone meal, rock dust (mineral), organics, microbiologicals, and Biochar. This high carbon “fertilizer” naturally increases biological activity in soil, while providing a long lasting nutrient supply that your plants need. PermaMatrix® Grow does not require watering immediately after application. Nutrients are released continuously throughout the growing cycle, reducing maintenance costs associated with lesser quality fertilizers which require numerous applications.

Carbon and nitrogen are the primary components needed for plant growth and sustainability. This high carbon fertilizer provides needed energy to new plants and seeds, while providing a long lasting nutrient supply. PermaMatrix® Grow BSP promotes good health for both plants and soil with a slow release formula that will not burn seed or existing vegetation.


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