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Benefits of Home Gardening

Benefits of Home Gardening

Better Tasting and Healthier Produce

Most people who garden grow food. Tomatoes are the most popular – and easiest – produce to grow. But people everywhere are growing zucchini, lettuce, berries, citrus, and herbs. The main reason people home garden is for better tasting and healthier food. By growing your own vegetables and fruits, you know exactly what you’re putting into the soil and therefore you know what you’re eating. Start your gardens by mixing in PermaMatrix Foundation into the soil as you start your garden.

Save Money

Another major reason people garden at home is to save money. The ability to grow bountiful crops in pots on a porch or in large, planned garden, is enticing to many mainly because of the cost savings. A small packet of tomato seeds cost a few dollars, but the amount of tomatoes you can produce from each seed is tremendous! Add PermaMatrix Grow to your soil weekly and watch your garden flourish and your yields increase!

It’s Healthy!

Whether you garden for exercise, to get outside more often, to spend time together as a family, to feel more productive, or to simply “get your hands dirty,” home gardening is having a tremendous impact on the health of those who get involved. Eating healthier foods, feeling better physically and mentally, and improved relationships are all great reasons to garden!

Start your gardening off with PermaMatrix Foundation and watch your garden thrive with PermaMatrix Grow!


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