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PermaMatrix® BSP Product Line

PermaMatrix® Biotic Particles (BSP) are rich in microscopic soil bacteria and fungal spores that result in nutrient dense produce and better tasting food. This is Nature’s way of sustaining life. 

PermaMatrix® BSP is a group of innovative carbon products that mimic nature’s processes and address soil fertility, soil health, and sustainability. They have been developed to offset the demand for chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides and are 100% organic. They are each in the form of unique biotic soil particles (BSP) that can be applied by hand or with all conventional seed applications, from standard agricultural drills to home lawn broadcast seeders. Each particle consists of a unique combination of soil minerals, organics, biochar, and micro-biological elements that build healthy, sustainable soil. 

PermaMatrix® BSP is changing the way we look at soil, plants and nutrients. When soil has all of the necessary natural elements working in harmony together, water quality, air quality, and plant biodiversity improve. Healthy soil also means you will benefit from beautiful and nutrient rich plants.

Increase plant nutrient loading –

Just 6 pounds of PermaMatrix® BSP Foundation per cubic yard of green house soil greatly increases nutrient transfer to plants and produces better tasting food.

Improve yield –

PermaMatrix® BSP is the Carbon Link™ – the connector of nutrients and roots in the soil web – resulting in significantly improved crop yields.

Enhance productivity –

PermaMatrix® BSP restores the biological function to soil through minerals, organics, carbon, and micro-nutrients.

Build sustainable soils –

Restoring Carbon in soil is essential to building a sustainable matrix of biology and organics, improving nitrogen utilization, and reducing nitrate leaching into our rivers and streams.


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